What is our Process?

We aim to leave your home the way we found it or better, so you can go back to enjoying it like normal. That’s the Prodigy way!

So what do we do?

  • You can request us to wear a mask before entering your home.

  • We lay down tarps inside of your home to keep the floors clean.

  • We do our best to return landscape as close to it’s original shape.

  • Old parts, trash, and debris from the job are our responsibility to remove.

  • Our technicians and installers wear boot covers to prevent dirt transferring into your home.

  • Any dirt/mud left on the sidewalk or driveway after work is performed outside will be washed away.

  • If a job takes longer than a day we make sure to organize and protect the worksite as best as we can so it has minimal interference with your daily tasks.

  • Depending on what work is performed, we will sweep and/or wipe down the area, so it’s ready for use.

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